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Arc 8 - The Whizard - Page 11
December 30, 2011

Vote to see Colbey hurling a giant snowball for this year's Comic Creators for Freedom!

I reconcile the fact that though 10% of the readership for this comic understands today's reference, the few that do are TOTALLY AWESOME PEOPLE. The rest of you will get clued in when credit is given in a few pages. Pfftt, as if Skyrim has the monopoly on the desert wanderer peoples.

Hey-hey-hey! Kez needs a new tablet pretty soon. I've had this one for over 4 years now and it's starting to give out. Please consider supporting me/my work/my wallet by purchasing either some What it Takes BOOKS or, new this week, the short story that INSPIRED this comic! It's a 4K-word piece of prose that tells Christi's story. I guess that character is kind of a mix between Colbey and Peter, and the world is a little different. If you like this comic, you will the story, AND it has some tidbits about the end of the world that I kept in What it Takes. Click the button below to purchase for THREE DOLLARS. It will be emailed the same day of purchase.

In other news, my other comic, The War of Winds, recently reached 400 pages! Please go check it out.

Have a happy new year everyone!