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Arc 8 - The Whizard - Page 10
December 28, 2011

Vote to see Colbey hurling a giant snowball for this year's Comic Creators for Freedom!

I'm baaaa-aack! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Boxing Day/etc etc etc. Today's page is the continuation of the WTF arc that this is. Yes, yes, many of you guessed it in the previous page, these guys are LARPers! Is that random and silly? Likely. But I ask you, who's got a better shot at survival: those who never considered having to, or those who play-acted at things like a zombie apocalypse, or time travel, or warrior cultures? There is a reason why in med school I have a class dedicated to "play acting" at being a doctor, because it gets my head in the correct frame of mind. Yes, we have actor patients and I pretend to know WTF I am doing. It also requires a lot of studying to know how to pretend to know what I'm doing. So you know what is the most valuable asset to a LARPer? Knowledge, found either in a library or teh internet.

ANYWAY! Speaking of this year's Comic Creator's for Freedom, I will yet again be offering an incentive for my readers to donate to such an important cause. For those of you who are unaware, the CCF raises money to support victims of human trafficking, the PC term for 21st century slavery. Lora Innes started it in 2009, and 100% of proceeds to go two different charities. Comic artists submit a piece of art on a theme which is put together into a wallpaper that can be downloaded for any amount donated during the week-long donation drive. Well, this year I can'&ter extra updates, but I drew something special (click to make it bigger):


I wish I had a better picture of it, but it's just a cuddle moment between Colbey and Peter...which I've been drawing a lot lately, ahem. Anyway, I've decided I'm going to raffle off this first (11x14 on Bristol), each ticket is a 5 dollar donation to the CCF. Forward me your paypal donation receipts ( to enter, the drive is January 9-17th. If there's any interest after that, I will raffle off the other image that I made.

Because I am still poor, however, today I am offering something rather special: the short story I wrote in 2008 that directly inspired What it Takes. I haven't looked at the story in a long time, I didn't even reread it while I was coming up with this comic. I was amazed at the similarities in some things I had written then and now, and some of the differences. Anyway, it's a PDF (not formatted for kindle or iPad, just a 8.5x11 size PDF), for download direct from me for $3.00. The name of the story is "Six Bullets," and it's 4,256 words long. Buy it below, and it WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU within 24hrs.

Don't forget, Jeo's raffle is still going on, and there are a BUNCH of prizes I donated to her cause, including a 50 dollar commission for the grand prize winner!