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Raffle 2 pre-party
December 16, 2011

Can't believe it's been almost 2 years on this already! Wow. ...I'd actually planned on this story being done already from updating 3x a week! Life is good nonetheless.

So, sorry there is no page today, I hope this image slightly makes up for it since it contains a few juicy details. I haven't really slept well in a good few days, presentation tomorrow, SO MUCH STUDYING TO DO... I have over 700 pages of powerpoints to somehow uselessly cram into my brain. I REALLY miss the days of overheads and chalkboards. It meant that profs taught a reasonable amount in a class session instead of relying on text-heavy, graph-heavy, reference-heavy slides they can rush through in a few seconds. And the final exam of this unit is DECEMBER 23rd! W.T.F. That's disgusting! Grr.

I say no updates next week, but I MAY be able to get one up. It really depends on how much I get done. For me not to draw daily is pretty painful to my psyche. It's like not eating, but for my creative side.

Anyway, the raffle will start January 1 and go to the 19th. Doesn't matter how many tickets are bought, but each one will be 2.50. Yes, this image contains some serious spoilers, but only if you interpret them right ;)

Since I may not update again until after Christmas, have a merry one, folks. Save me some eggnog.