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Unit Exam
November 30, 2011

No comics again this week, I have a huge exam. I'm sorry to have such sporadic updating here, but I've got no excuse to merely do average in med school. I'm capable of more. I SHOULD be doing more, instead of placing comics as a higher priority. It will likely be that exam weeks in the future will mean no comic updates across my sites. I'll try to put in some extra updates during winter break. Thanks for understanding, guys! See you next wednesday.
Scot in a Dress
November 19, 2011

Vote to see Scot on a bike wearing a dress!
Arc 8 - The Whizard - Page 6
November 18, 2011

Colbey missed her window to mock Scot over the dress comment and instead let herself be distracted by the awesome duster. Scot got her back anyway.

There will be no comic updates here next week, but I will try to put up some sketches or behind the scenes stuff. I don't want to take time away from the family during thanksgiving break, and lately I've really been letting comics take priority over studying. That's unacceptable. So next week is studying only. My other comic, The War of Winds, will update on Monday, but will not update the following week. It's time for study bootcamp, yarghleblarf.

I'm having a special on What it Takes BOOKS. Every one you buy will be specially autographed and include an original drawing. Usually I do a drawing in only 1 book when people buy a batch. In addition, each order will include an 8.5x11 print of Colbey from stage 2 of the Sexify Colby campaign.

Books can be bought on the store page.

Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far! I will draw and ship ASAP.