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Arc 1 - My Life Sucks - Page 17
March 4, 2010

This page was edited to reflect current character design on January 24, 2017.

SF comic of the week is Sunset Grill by the talented Kat! It will make you laugh, and make you want to cry, but more likely, you'll just laugh some more. Don't get me wrong though, it's a deep story with some really hard themes to write, especially in a comic, it's just that the humor is perfectly executed! A great read for sure.

M'mm, squirrel jerky. I bet it's delicious when supermarkets cease to exist!

This arc is over in another 5 pages! I am very excited, because the next strip starts a short flash back that I've been waiting to draw for quite sometime. Colbey's narrative voice will come and go in coming arcs, and there will be more showing and less telling, no worries. When I first meet a character in any story though, I like to be tossed into their psyche. I'm also keen on writing/drawing what I myself would like to read.

The exam on wednesday went well, I think. Studied my butt off for it. I don't know how many people get this, but I get a fever, a real fever, when I study that hard. I like to pretend it's because my brain is like a high performance computer in need of some extra fans, but it's probably just the stress. Perhaps my brain performs better just above standard body temp, I dunno. But back to the exam, it was super long, complicated, and stressful. There are only 12 or so people in the class, so competition is stiff, especially in the graduate program. Averages in these classes are much higher than the undergrad range. So, if the average is an 85, well, that's the B when it should be a B+/A-. Therefore, to get an A, you'd have to get, for example, 95+. Absurd sometimes? YES. Welcome to grad school, Kez.