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Arc 8 - The Whizard - Page 4
November 11, 2011

If there are any veterans reading this comic (and not scoffing at my take on battle and survival), thank you for service! And even if you scoff! Hey, I guess I can count my brother as a vet now, weird/cool. NOW IF ONLY THE ARMY WOULD DELIVER THE PACKAGE WE MAILED SIX WEEKS AGO. Ahem.

Regarding today's comic: bag of sugar and a rifle for 2 mountain bikes? ...I think the trader got the better end of the bargain. See, he's been holding onto some powdered coffee for quite some time. Now he can finally have a cuppa, with sugar! Colbs, well, Scot, just made his day. There's only one thing more valuable in this world than rare resources in a post-apocalyptic setting. I'm guessing some of you know the answer.

My vacuum finally bit the dust yesterday. It's been running about 25% of the time and yesterday was the last straw. Slamming it up and down in a fit of rage because it just would NOT suck up that pile of dog hair would not help. I found an awesome model about 10 years newer at Wal-mart for only $100, so I'm having a special on What it Takes BOOKS. Every one you buy will be specially autographed and include an original drawing. Usually I do a drawing in only 1 book when people buy a batch. In addition, each order will include an 8.5x11 print of Colbey from stage 2 of the Sexify Colby campaign.

Books can be bought on the store page.

Truth be told, this is the first time craigslist has let me down. Not a SINGLE bagless non-shop vac for sale within 50 miles :( Not that I won't keep looking. My poor vacuum is so old now, and the company was bought out, no one services it.

EDIT: In addition, anyone who has been holding off from buying anything in my printfection nerdgeekery store, there are a few specials being offered there today until Monday, Nov 14.

Coupon Code: Likeit2011 Discount: $5 off all orders over $30.00

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Dates: Today, November 11 - Monday, November 14