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Guest Art
November 3, 2011

PREVIOUSLY: Hey, huge exam this Friday, no time for comics this week I'm afraid. Med school, comes with the territory and all that. Updates resume next week!

TODAY: I am embarrassed to admit I forgot about this drawing that Denise Randall did of Peter, Colbey's beau. And since I can't take the time to update this week, PERFECT OPPORTUNITY! Denise does a bunch of comics, and two of them are here on SpiderForest: The Only Half Saga and Gemutations: Plague. You can find links to her many other comics from those sites. Thanks, Denise!

Hopefully by the time you all see this, I will be kicking ass on an exam, or drinking in celebration for kicking ass on the exam. Every day, and in every way, I'm getting better and better!

Also, funny doodles done during class. Enjoy.