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The New Colbey
October 24, 2011

Ok, everyone, Taka (Trevor Kent) of Kyoudaikido Soldier Chromacorps has designed the new Colbey for my reboot of the series! He got tired of Colbey being so self-sufficient, kick-ass and totally not skanky enough, which is just unacceptable in today's comics. Just ask DC!

Alright, ALRIGHT, I'm kidding! But Taka and I both appreciated the outrage regarding the portrayal of heroines in DC's reboot, so here's Taka's answer to the problem (tongue in cheek, we promise.) Enjoy! And go read Taka's comic!

Arc 8 - The Whizard - Cover Page
October 21, 2011


Vote to see a sketch of the next page!

Today is the FINAL day to enter the raffle for this image:

More details here. It's an original piece on bristol board, one of a kind, with some hidden spoilers! Tickets are $2 and the winner will be picked tonight at 10pm EST LIVE on my Livestream! Buy your tickets using the chip-in at left, which is through paypal. You also get the wallpaper that's available, featuring Colbey and Peter with the game stats. Everyone who has donated (OR BOUGHT!) anything within the past 6 weeks is also entered. So if you want books AND a chance to win this image, today is the time to buy them!

So, there's a bunch of minor things in this cover page that are clues as to what will happen. We'll see who can pick them out. Awesome peeps on the livestream did. And if you voted on Wednesday, you met a certain character that has to do with the certain type of fish featured here. WHAT TYPE OF FISH IS IT C'MON C'MON.

If you want some REAL spoilers though, you should listen to the Webcomic Beacon's recent podcast about End of the World (comics), where I was guest along with Aaron Neathery of Endtown! I spilled some stuff there about goings-on.