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Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Page 23
October 19, 2011

Well, it took forever, but finally here's the last page of Arc 7! In case you don't remember because it's been a few weeks thanks to clusterf*ck, Scot has been trying to convince Colbey to go to Hillsboro to find out more about A City in a Place.

Vote to see a character concept sketch for the next major player in this comic.

Also, this Friday is the final day to buy tickets for the piece that's up for raffle. Tickets are $2 each, everyone who's donated in the past 6 weeks is automatically entered respective to donation amounts, and I'd really love this piece to find a good home. Use the Chip-in AT LEFT to enter (it's through Paypal). I will draw the name live on my Livestream on Friday night, 10pm EST. Donations go toward paying off the dog's vet pill. Remember that all donations also get the wallpaper of Colbey and Peter with gamestats.

So I had the second exam of med school this past monday. Thought I had underprepared...but I guess I overprepared? Hahah, whatever. This next unit is very short and packed with material, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to keep up to schedule. So long as my computer does need to go to the computer ICU again. Uggghhh what a nightmare that was!

NaNoWriMo is coming up rather soon, and I often participate...usually I just use it as incentive to edit more of the novel my other comic The War of Winds is based on. This year however, I had this crazy idea (blame the sake) to write the What it Takes novel. Don't know if I'll actually do it, but I think it would be fun to offer the chapters as downloads, and include some extra drawings in them. I don't know. That might be too much merchandising.

I don't want to pump you guys for money. At the same time, I'm a stern believer in artists (visual, literary, craft) never falling into the trap of "well ____ is fun, you shouldn't want or need to make money off it!" That is total bullshit, and if I spend time on something, I expect to paid for it. This comic makes only $80-100 a month on ads, but it buys me food (or lately, dog vet visits). However, I digress. As both a webcomic creator and reader, I am perfectly fine with webcomics offering extra material for a price so long as the comic isn't pay-per-view. So always know that What it Takes will always be free. I just hope no one begrudges me the occasionally money-making scheme. Student. Hungry. Etc. Most of you know the deal.

I'm totally jumping from topic to topic here, but What it Takes' second birthday is coming up on January 20, 2012. I was thinking of running the first contest here. And that first contest would be to draw Colbey with a female heroine/character/historical figure she would consider a role model. If you can't draw, write a short story if the two met. Both must include a short/non-lengthy blurb on what Colbey would admire in that person.

Way back on the first page of this comic, I stated that I made Colbey the character she is because I felt that people like her were missing in stories. And by people like her, I mean female characters who can take care of themselves, but who are still women. I am so sick of that strong woman whose femininity is defined by only her body and her inability to save herself ("I have an awesome bod, my bewbs float in their spandex, and I've studied the secret art of Barista Jut-su since the age of 7 months, but I cannot win without the help of an even stronger male who will save me when I trip and fall over my outrageous footwear for doing something foolish in estrogen-induced PANIC!); or, by her complete "sexual liberation," over-the-top butch attitude, and complete lack of any defining morality ("I don't need men, I am completely liberated, I'd sleep with a cactus if I thought it would satisfy me. Hey you! BELCH. Pass me the bourbon! I need something to quench my cigar with). The former example is a fake hero. The latter is a woman with a penis. Neither are characters I connect with.

Colbey may be frumpy, grumpy, a tomboy, ruthless, a bit vile; she's got short, ugly hair, dresses like a guy and doesn't concern herself with looking pretty; but dammit, she does these things because to be any other way in the reality presented in this comic would be ludicrous. I refuse to define gender based on appearance, only on action and motive. And wow, rant. Ok. Stopping. You get it, or likely you wouldn't be reading this comic.

Going back to the contest, any established character is fair game, original character or otherwise. For example, I could draw Colbey kicking back with Karrin Murphy from The Dresden Files. And I would say Colbey would admire Murph for her being Good People. Murphy is always there to watch her friends' backs even at the expense of her own career, and often at the risk of her own life. You notice how The Dresden Files is often my fallback for awesome characters? <3 Jim Butcher.

But yeah. That would be the contest. Prizes would be What it Takes issues all with original drawings. Or perhaps a free commission. I'm not sure yet, just feeling things out. I have a hangover and I blame anything stupid I've written above on sake-bombs.

What it Takes continues on Friday with the cover to Arc 8: Off to see the Wizard. Thanks for reading and supporting this comic!