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October 7, 2011

Sorry this isn't an update guys! My computer is finally back, but like the image says, I'm not even at my apartment right now. It's my birthday this weekend, and dammit, I'm going home to be mothered after the sucktastic week this was. I have currently taken over said mother's laptop and may not get off it this entire weekend.

This drawing was what I managed to complete while forlornly staring at the empty space vacated by my critically ill computer while my dog moaned on the floor in his E-collar trying to chew the stitches out of his foot. Speaking of the dog, he's on a new antibiotic now, the foot continues to improve, but still infected and not healing very fast.

This on-going saga of Indy-goes-to-the-vet-3x-week has so far cost $800. I maxed out my second credit card on his latest visit. Emergencies suck, but parents who offer to cover those bills rock. So, dear Shuskamute (Shepherd-husky-malamute) is going to have top care, no worries. Those of you who sent me some funds for vet care, thank you so much, it went to buying bandages, gauze and packing material out of pocket. I never knew bandages were so damn expensive 0.0. Especially when I'm changing it ever 8 hours...ugh.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that this raffle isn't to guilt anyone into contributing over my dog's bills. Indy is going to be fine. But I rarely ever draw on paper anymore, I think the picture/collage turned out really well, and I want a reader of this comic to have it. There were 12 contributers to the previous Chip-in campaign who all are entered to get this picture, with a ticket per $2 given. Anyone else who'd like to throw a couple bucks can also get in on this. Everyone else can enjoy the tiny details (because I love those) in this image. The raffle is only live for 2 weeks, and the winner is picked on Friday, October 21. Everyone who contributes will ALSO get the wallpaper of Colbey and Peter with the videogame stats.

To contribute, use the Chip-in widget at left, it's the red thing that is NOT an ad, and is directly beneath the comic.

I'm working on the next What it Takes page now, so there will be an update next Wednesday for damn sure. I'm really pissed off the end of this arc is taking so long to complete. I did not intend to draw out this flashback!

And oh. Also while staring forlornly at the empty space vacated by my computer, I finished scripting the next 2 arcs. You will like it. A lot. I hope. I'm kind of proud of the way things are going to go. :3