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Shoot me please
September 30, 2011

Dog punctured his paw on a stick: $250

Computer got a horrible virus I spent half the day trying to clean and failed: $75+no computer right now.

Today's update is done, but it's on a flashdrive I left at home. .

I SHOULD get a computer again by Saturday, my dog SHOULD be ok (second vet appointment tomorrow), and I SHOULD be at class. Instead I am skipping.

Sorry guys, you'll have to get your What it Takes fix later :(

Thank you friends and family for being awesome and stuff or I'd have gone postal.

Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Page 20
September 28, 2011

Vote vote vote for a sketch of the next page! There is some minor smooching involved...

This special wallpaper is still available for a suggested donation of $2. Any amount is accepted, and I will email a link where you can download multiple sizes. Donate via the chip-in at left (it's through paypal) or send it to The overdraft has been paid, you guys rock! And please remember, issues 1-5 are for sale, and if you buy them, I include drawings! You can buy them in the store for $5 a piece.

Ok, so, some major reveals on this page for people who can string the clues together. One of the reveals is a tiny detail in one of the above panels. WHO CAN CATCH IT ZOMG IT'S ALL MAKING SENSE NOW ISN'T IT?!?!!!!11!

But I wonder what you all will think of this new information based on what he said in Arc 6.

Furthermore, I already said which day this was in the flashback sequence. You already know how this will end. :( Kinda. Heh, I can't wait to get to some of these future story arcs! There's still a lot to reveal. We barely get into how the world ended in the next few pages, and I KNOW a bunch of people are interested in that.

In the life of Kez, work continues! I've again (against my better judgement) started work on From Earth to Heaven, an origin-story of characters from The War of Winds. A few years back I finished my first origin story Not Alone, also my first comic BOOK. Hopefully that work will continue, though I've got some work for other people I need to finish, and that should have higher priority! Anyway, classes are going well. Med school isn't that difficult (yet? That Master's is really coming in handy), there's just a lot of material coming at me fast. I can juggle it pretty well so far.

In completely unrelated news, how many of you are keeping up with the DC comics universe reboot? Yes? And how many of you have seen these recent articles about DC's new versions of their female characters? Reading through that second link there just reminded me why I made Colbey, and this comic. I am so incredibly sick of the way BOTH genders are portrayed in DC/Marvel. Who can relate to them at all? Not me I guess. These kinds of issues are why I stick with webcomics and novels. I've never bought a single issue of a print comic, and if things continue like this, I never will. I will however continue to fastidiously support indie [web]comics who DARE to have characters that deviate from pr0n-star sexy, and whose creators understand that WHO the character is, is more important than HOW the character looks. *tears out hair in frustration*

*goes to write more adventures for Colbey*

Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Page 19
September 22, 2011

Vote to see a close up of the back of Colbey's shirt. Remember how Dr. Snatch made fun of Colbey working as a landscaper? Well, she and her dad started the company together. And their motto came to me in a flash of brilliance/indigestion. Enjoy!

Ok, so...I forgot yesterday was Wednesday, sorry! Haha, I was out of town all weekend, and for some reason my internal clock is off by a whole day. However, due to an abundance of WOT (Waste of Time) assignments this week, I will NOT be updating What it Takes tomorrow. Updates should resume normally next week. You can see a sketch of the next page (no words) in the forum.

Thank you all so much for your support with that damn overdraft charge! I don't know why the meter isn't registering it, but it should be at 120%! You guys are amazing, so I feel sucktastic about missing an update this week. If it's any consolation, I've been scripting the next story arc (during class of course), and I think you'll really enjoy it. Especially Wheel of Time/Robert Jordan fans. And Star Trek fans. I know, I know, what does that have to do with a post-apocalyptic comic?! You'll see. And hopefully laugh. For those of you who are interested in the wallpaper featuring Peter and Colbey, the thumbnail is above... with some fake videogame stats. It's available for a suggested donation of $2. This means you can put in any amount and I will email you the link where you can get a bunch of sizes. The Chip-in widget where you can do this is AT LEFT IN THE SIDEBAR. Or you can send a direct amount to using paypal. That works too. Either way, I'll email you the link ASAP, definitely on the same day. I can't promise any extra updates now that med school has started, so this is the best I can do :( But it's a fun wallpaper I promise!

As for today's page, the next few pages will make the time course of this flash back clear. I think this arc will end up being 23 pages instead of the normal 22. I really don't want to cram this all in the next 3 pages. Amazing how much difference a single page can make!

I don't really have anything to say today, early class tomorrow and a REALLY LONG day ahead. If you didn't know already, check out the other comic I make.