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Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Page 11
August 24, 2011

Vote to see a sketch of Colbey and Dang from Ben Fleuter's comic Derelict chillaxing at the bar. Way back when I posted how Colbey and Dang should get together over mojitos and talk about their days. Ben drew up something awesome featuring our awesome heroines fistbumping over their awesomeness. I'm a bit short on time (hahaha ZOMG) but I hope to finish it soon. ish.

For today's comic, Colbey, you totally walked into that one! Scot is a 'Mega, as in, Alpha-Omega, as in, THE Alpha and Omega. What did you expect? I guess Colbey has her reservations where the Allmighty is concerned!

Anyway, this conversation is starting to rev up for something. For which I'm glad, because there are only so many ways you can draw two people sitting down and talking. Ugh.

Those of you who joined me during my Livestream of this page took part in an awesome chat. Among other things, we were discussing Hurricane Irene which is on its way up the coast. I found that amusing, since Irene means "peace." So we decided we would be better off naming hurricanes after things that made sense, like antagonists from stories! We had Hurricane Agamemnon, Hurricane Sauron, Hurricane Voldemort...the list went on. Then there were the hurricanes named after Star Trek races. Watch out for Hurricane Borg (because you will be assimilated), but Hurricane Betazed will just empathize with your plight and leave you alone. By far, Hurricane Congress (formed by the clashing of two smaller hurricanes--Hurricane Democrat and Hurricane Republican) was my favorite. It just sits out in the ocean and does nothing. Except go on vacation. And let's not forget hurricanes named after the planets in Dr. Who (Hurricane Gallifrey, we just saw it...where'd it go???), or after videogames (Hurricane X-2 won't be able to make it, it can't find the right outfit)! I adlib here because I suck at remembering the direct quotes. But, if you could come up with a new naming scheme for hurricanes, what would it be? Also, a challenge: fill in the alphabet for hurricanes named after story/movie antagonists. Kent started us off with Agamemnon, but we need a B! Go!

I start med school next Monday, so we'll see what happens to updates then! Peace out folks, see you friday!