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Arc 1 - My Life Sucks - Page 15
February 26, 2010

This page was edited to reflect current character design on January 22, 2017.

Dude has NO IDEA how close he just came to wicked machete death. And let me guess: some of you would have preferred blood splatter on this page. Don't worry, the violence comes soon enough. Mweh. Mweh heh heh. I need professional help. Ahem.

This strip is actually based on a true story! Minus the post-apocalyptic aspect, of course. I customarily walk my dog in a wooded park. Nice trails, right beside the Erie Canal. Anyway, I invite my one friend along (who also has a dog), and my friend invites HIS buddy. So, we three and two dogs go a-walking, and my friend's buddy is like, super-quiet. WEIRD quiet. Even direct questions don't get more than monosyllabic answers. This strange dude slips away at the end of the walk, and I turn around to see him leaning on a big tree, not looking very well at all. I think "OMG, he had a total hangover and just started puking, that explains EVERYTHING." I start walking back to see if this guy is ok, and yeah, he's pissing on the tree. WTF. What kind of person does that in front of woman he barely knows? W.T.F.

I guess I should consider myself lucky he wasn't taking a dump?

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