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Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Page 10
August 19, 2011

Vote to see Colbey's attempt at BAMFing!

Well, Scot, when you put it that way...AHEM.

I would like to thank MithLycos for reminding me about the bullet hole in Scot's hat. Hahah! I am so bad with details like that. I will go back and fix the previous pages later.

As for that hand gesture Colbey is making in the first panel, no it's is not "hang ten." Or "cowabunga." It is most definitely not a pinky-swear. It's ASL for "same." At that angle I just couldn't get an adequate line to show movement.

Speaking of pinky swears! Haha, we had a great discussion about cartoons from our childhoods over at my Livestream. Digimon, Monster Ranchers (and how it secretly affects every single one of my stories....), David the Gnome and Tiny Toons! Raise your hand if you grew up on the best cartoons ever.

What is with the crap they're showing kids nowadays?? Anyone catch the Thundercats remake? What do you think of it? A quick search for footage reveals some pretty cool looking stuff, and, if I'm not mistaken, the voice of the original Lion-o at as that big guy at the end? I hope Hulu picks this up 'cause I don't have a TV! ARRGHHH

Lastly, I think the Sexify Colbey campaign has just about ended, since there's been no new donations for it for quite a few weeks. I hope we've learned our lesson! Colbs is staying a tomboy, that's who she is and what best fits her circumstances. If you still want to support me/this comic, please consider buying the books!

Peace out. Catch you next Wednesday.