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Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Page 9
August 17, 2011

EDIT: Vote to see Colbey's attempt at BAMFing!

Ok, the timeline and what Scot is asking here finally comes out! As well as a random X-men sound effect reference. Because admit it--BAMF is the best onomatopoeia ever.

And if you forget, Colbey snatched that badge from some of Arthur's Hunters that she killed back in Arc 2. A bit of a fuller story why she thinks the Hunters are after her can be found in the Arc 5 Extension, available for $5 as a PDF download. The link is at the right!

I am very excited to get to the next story arcs here at What it Takes, because, if all goes to plan, it should be pretty damn funny. It involves LARPers. In a post-apocalyptic setting. Yes, you read that correctly. Also, some more red shirts will be making an appearance if that gives you an idea what is coming up in the future.

I've also started some loose scripting pretty far out into the story (for me). I'm really bad at scripting ahead more than 10 or so pages. I just keep a vague idea in mind of where things are supposed to go, and then wing it from there. But I'm excited to get What it Takes printed as a book, not just the issues. When I get to issue 10, the end of Book II, it's all gonna get printed out together. Maybe I'll do a Kickstarter thing like all the big kids. Dunno. :D

In other news, ack! 2 weeks until I start med school classes! AHHHHH!!! I'm excited and kinda scared and REALLY anxious because I just don't know what awaits me. I feel like I'm about to basejump at night. But that's good! Because I'm an adrenaline junkie and I'm at my best when I can just ACT and not think too much. So, I'm just going to jump. And grin. And have fun. And work real hard of course, but if I'm not having fun it's really not worth it, eh?

But that's just my attitude about huge endeavors. It's a lot like climbing a mountain. Xkcd did a great comic about that...but I can't find it right now. So!

I'm also happy to announce I've started back into martial arts! I'd been out of it since my Master's...just couldn't find the time, not to mention afford any extra tuition. I'd kept up practicing on my own, but being able to practice with other people (who are not in my head) is just so much better. I did a trial class, loved it, got a bit roughed up due to my own stupidity...but I'm going back as soon as I can slap the money together! Also known as payday.

Also, I want to say that I am loving USA's newish series "Suits." They really DO focus on their characters on that network. I love that about them <3.

That's it from me. Thanks for reading folks!