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Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Page 8
August 12, 2011

Yes I know what Scot says makes no real sense, but it does if you don't think about it too hard. Colbey is really good at not thinking about things too hard. Heh.

I've got nothing to talk about here today, so I guess I might as well link someone else's comic!

Have you guys read Katie Sweet's comics Juathuur: One Way or Another or Juathuur:Gatecrash? One Way or Another remains a favorite of mine, and I keep going back to re-read it. It's also one of the few webcomics I've ever bought in print. Gatecrash is the sequel, and updates 3x weekly! Both of her comics are highly recommended. I'm way too tired to come up with an adequate summary for them, sorry! They are both complicated and awesome, as the best stories are.

Maybe I will update this post tomorrow about Burn Notice. I love where that show is going. EEE!