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Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Page 7
August 10, 2011

Howdy ho!

Don't really know why I just typed that.

I'm a bit late to the party, but I'd like to send out a big 'ol welcome to SpiderForest's newest member comics!

The Cyantian Chronicles

Spare Keys for Strange Doors


And The Revolution!

It's great to have you guys with us, I hope you like our little community so far^^

On today's comic, Colbey learned that Arthur is after A City in a Place in Arc 2, when she rescued Alex. Scot assumes she knows about Arthur not because he knows she took out a team of his men, but because of the first screening process to get the first referral. Alex never came right out to say it, but no one loyal to Arthur gets a referral.

Well, it's 19 more days until the start of med school classes for me. I've been living the good life, working in a lab in orthopedic surgery/research over the summer, being able to play and learn, but soon (what's that saying?) my nose will be against the grindstone. Instead of grumbling under breath about the tedium, I'm-a gonna pull a Naruto, grin in the face of my enemy, and try to pull an ace/shuriken out of my sleeve.

Speaking of Naruto, hey, my first ever half-ass cosplay! Hahaha! My hair is finally long enough to be able to pull off a half-decentish likeness! Don't be hatin', it was at a marvelous one-day anime convention in my hometown, and when in Rome...well, you know the rest. Thanks to those fine attendees, I can pay a few more bills.

Speaking of Naruto, holy fried smurfs on a stick I am somewhat obsessed right now. I used to torrent episodes a few years back and stopped during the horrible sludge of filler. Now I have all those Shippuden episodes to catch up on while I draw. You may ask yourself, "how can Kez draw and read the subtitles at the same time (because no way would Kez EVER watch dubbed anime)," and the answer is...uh, not sure. I'm managing to pull it off though. It helps that half the words are "dattebayo," heh.

But odds are if you are reading What it Takes, you're probably not into anime, or at least, only the minority of you are. I say this because I usually do so horribly at anime conventions since attendees want, uh, anime and manga (YES I know it's not a style but it might as well be). No Kakashi? No Inuyasha? NOT EVEN ANY SAILOR MOON? They just turn their noses up and pass to the next table. Hence my cosplay strategy mentioned previously. Rome and all that.

And, got Jim Butcher's latest book Ghost Story this past friday (after scouring ALL OF MONTANA to find it). I never got a chance to get to the mall in Bozeman, which apparently is the, uh, only bookstore in like 200 miles? If you want anything other than used paperbacks or recipes for bear meat apparently. Picked up Ghost Story in the evening, finished it that night. Re-read parts of it all day Saturday. Now I have to wait years for the next one?! ARRGHHHH. I was pleased to FINALLY get details filled in on He Who Walks Behind, but of course, Butcher leaves us with more new questions than questions answered. I need to get back into the forums over there.

But I ramble! Mostly I really want to watch another episode of Naruto but I need sleep more. Priorities. My ninja way. Never give up, never surrender! Oh wait, wrong movie.

G'night folks! Thanks for reading!