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Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Page 6
August 5, 2011

Hey all! I'm back from the conference, and I had a total blast! Climbed a few mountains, went white water rafting, horseback riding, visited Yellowstone, and took a bunch of seminars on urban and wilderness survival. Lots of stuff I already knew, but the knowledge that I didn't was of the priceless variety. Then again, any little bit of knowledge that helps you survive in unexpected places is priceless, eh?

I also now know how to fix just about every common dislocation out there. Once you get the principle of traction and countertraction it's very intuitive.

You can view the public FB album of the trip here and here!

Best part of the trip was undoubtedly the view from Lone Mountain. We didn't get to the top (improperly equipped for the last leg of that journey), but we got up about 10,000ft. STUNNING views. Worst part was slogging up through Yogi "Spring" (Alpine BOG. The bugs were ridiculous). Wish I had the chance to climb more mountains, but it's difficult when you can't actually camp out there. Sucks trying to get all my camping gear through airport security. Also sucks having to make sure you can complete a hiking trip and be back in time for dinner. Sometimes it's nice to just go out and not have a schedule!

And despite all the hype about bears, didn't see a single one. Just lots of scat. Maybe it meant we were simply practicing good bear-avoidance skills though, haha.

Anyway, I'm totally moving to Montana. Going to start a research institute there or something. Now that I'm back east, the sky is so low, the air is so thick and wet, and it gets dark way too early.

But yes, about today's page, sometimes I wonder how these actionless arcs come across. Personally, as a reader, I find the details that come across in dialogue far more interesting than fight scenes. I try to have equal amounts in a comic like this though, but I realize that my update schedule (and especially taking a few updates off) make appreciation of dialogue a bit difficult. Hopefully this arc will reward the patient.

Also, still haven't read Ghost Story. I searched every single bookstore I came across in Montana (the few that had more than books on bears...), and of course the Chicago airport let me down completely. I mean, c'mon! The Dresden Files storyline takes PLACE in Chicago (when it's not in Mexico or the Never-never...)! Ugh. Now that I'm finally home I'll be able to stop at good 'ol Barnes and Noble and pick it up.

You know. After I pay rent and stuff. *sigh* Which reminds me, the best way to support this comic is it in print! Each issue is only $5. Buy all 5 available issues and you'll get a nice inked drawing #5 to make up for that damned misprint.

Take it easy, folks. See you next Wednesday.