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Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Page 2
July 13, 2011

Well, the plan had been to take the week off from this comic and do commissions, but uh, you guys (and my mom <3) really came through for me. Thank you! I ended up not needing to take off, practiced some good time management, got the page done ahead of time, and still had time to work on commissions. So. Comics. Only 1 more bill to make by Friday and I THINK I can do it. ...if certain ad companies pay up on time, argh.

Anyway! I tweaked the script of this comic a bit to reference a joke between me and Mvmarcz of Avernyght, whose comic you should be reading. She gets it, doubt the rest of you will. Luckily it's not all that obvious a tweak from the original script. Mvmarcz also made this comic's first fan VIDEO! Check it out. She's Colbs. She kills people. FOR FUN.

Denise Randall of Gemutations: Plague also moved her long-running comic The Only Half Saga from Drunkduck to SpiderForest! It's a rated "M" story that follows the tale of Cabal, a dhampir, from the end of the world and hundreds of years beyond.

So, watched the pilot episode of Alphas on Hulu while drawing. (Dual screen set up, so awesome.) It's been described as a cross between Heroes and X-men, and that holds pretty true. Lead brainwashed sniper dude Warren Christie is way too hot, but that is beside the point. Ahem. I'll probably keep checking it out, waiting for NCIS and Fringe to start up again. A summer line up of White Collar, Burn Notice and Alphas ain't bad! Certainly better than what's in the theaters at the moment, urgh.

Work in the lab continues! The main piece of equipment that I use in the lab, a precision saw for cutting up femoral components of knee implants, BUSTED on Friday. The motor just stopped running. (I had a private little freak out moment, luckily, no witnesses.) So what did my boss do? He took the whole thing apart and fixed it. Such things do not happen in basic sciences. There, you call up the maintenance people, and should they be unable to fix your machine, well, you're screwed! We also cleaned the machine while we were at it. There is humanesque grime that will NEVER get out from under my skin. Yes, yes, wore gloves, but when they keep BREAKING it doesn't really matter. Sterilized everything anyway.

It's not red-alert-gonna-get-the-electric-turned-off anymore, but in the continued interest of making ends meet, I'm offering a special commission deal: $5, 5x5 bristol board, anything you want, shipped to you. It will be the original drawing, inked, uncolored. Reserve yours today using the donation button below:

Tips are of course, appreciated as well. There's a message box when you donate, write what you want. No nekkids! I will do smexy however. That's internet lingo for keep the clothes on, everything else is pretty much go. If you just want to tip and don't want a drawing, don't add a message (or say "tip" or something.) Still haven't had time to update the Sexify Colbey campaign ($15 is now owed), ironic, no? I can work on the drawings in the lab while stuff is working, but I can't very well work on...that...there. Ahem. The first drawings will get shipped out tomorrow or Thursday. :)

For an immediate WiT fix, download the Arc 5 Extension! It's the events that happened between the end of Arc 5 (where Scot rescues Colbey) and the beginning of Arc 6 (where Colbey is being chased by Reverts). 11 pages long, 1 illustration per page, narrated by Colbey, and a downloadable PDF. Five dollah five dollah.

You will be FORWARDED after purchase to the PDF. My empty wallet thanks you. And again, I can't stress this enough, the extension is EXTRA. It's fun for fans, it's not necessary to understand the story.

And don't forget, Issues 1-5 are available in beautiful DEAD TREE FORMAT in the store.

SpiderForest Accepting Applications

SpiderForest, that wonderful network/host/collective that hosts all my comic works, is once again accepting applications for new members up until July 24. SF offers free hosting, advertising through the overhead banner on every SF site, as well as being distinguished from the rest of the 10's of thousands of webcomics. We're a collective that's serious about the work we put out. All current SF members read and vote on your application. Go here for more info. Those of you readers (who are comic creators yourselves) who may be hosted on Drunkduck and are as pissed off about what they just did (as you should be. Limiting page sizes?! WTF), you may want to consider this option pretty seriously. I started in webcomics over 7 years ago, and tried out Comic Genesis, Drunkduck, Smack Jeeves and Comic Dish before settling on SF. I have not a single ounce of regret.

And finally, 13 more days until the release of Ghost Story. NEEEEEEED.