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Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Page 1
July 8, 2011

EDIT: First fan VIDEO, FTW. Check it out. She's Colbs. She kills people. FOR FUN. By Mvmarcz of Avernygt.

It's a highway rest stop. The next morning. And Colbey, as usual, is grumpy. Frumpy? Both.

Well, I got my first real paycheck this week, and it was, quite frankly, less than calculated. I will be taking next week off from comics to do some commission work. Frakkin bills. I swear. You start making more money, and BAM. You only THOUGHT you were making more. Ugh. It's disgusting. I'm ecstatic to have a steady paycheck, but I never should have relied so heavily on it. Diversify, Kez. Worst part is, they for some reason are sending my pay stubs to my MOM's house, even when they have my local address on file, so I don't even know why a huge chunk of money was missing. Trying not to freak out. Fixing that issue ASAP.

In the interest of making ends meet, I'm offering a special commission deal: $5, 5x5 bristol board, anything you want, shipped to you. It will be the original drawing, inked, uncolored. Reserve yours today using the donation button below:

Tips are of course, appreciated as well. There's a message box when you donate, write what you want. No nekkids! I will do smexy however. That's internet lingo for keep the clothes on, everything else is pretty much go. If you just want to tip and don't want a drawing, don't add a message (or say "tip" or something.) Still haven't had time to update the Sexify Colbey campaign, ironic, no? I can work on the drawings in the lab while stuff is working, but I can't very well work on...that...there. Ahem.

OR! Even better! Download the Arc 5 Extension! It's the events that happened between the end of Arc 5 (where Scot rescues Colbey) and the beginning of Arc 6 (where Colbey is being chased by Reverts). 11 pages long, 1 illustration per page, narrated by Colbey, and a downloadable PDF. Five dollah five dollah.

You will be FORWARDED after purchase to the PDF. My empty wallet thanks you. And again, I can't stress this enough, the extension is EXTRA. It's fun for fans, it's not necessary to understand the story.

And don't forget, Issues 1-5 are available in beautiful DEAD TREE FORMAT in the store.

In other news, 18 more days until Ghost Story comes out. My guess: Harry will meet up with all the characters who have died (and you can see he kind of has already in the preview chapters at Jim Butcher's site). So. I'm waiting for Shiro, Kemmler, HIS MOM, to show up. Maybe DuMorne. Morgan?! Totally.

Sorry if you haven't read Turn Coat yet and didn't know about Morgan. But dude. He nuked a Skin Walker. Literally. His coolness jumped from -10 to +9000 in that paragraph.

Really got to hit the hay. Thanks for reading, folks! Even if you can't donate or anything, just reading my comic pays me a little bit with the ads. (Which reminds me: if you have ad blocker installed, could you disable it for my site? *puppy eyes*).