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Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Title Page
July 6, 2011

Moving right along I guess!

This chapter is going to explain a bit the connection between Colbey and Scot, and some other players.

Of course, to better understand what's going on in the background of this story, you should get the Arc 5 Extension! It's the events that happened between the end of Arc 5 (where Scot rescues Colbey) and the beginning of Arc 6 (where Colbey is being chased by Reverts). 11 pages long, 1 illustration per page, narrated by Colbey, and a downloadable PDF. Five dollah five dollah.

You will be FORWARDED after purchase to the PDF. My empty wallet thanks you. And again, I can't stress this enough, the extension is EXTRA. It's fun for fans, it's not necessary to understand the story.

Because I've already gone ahead and video-blogged about it, here's the newest one, and I'm not gonna retype what I say in it:

Lastly, I am so addicted to the Dresden Files right now it's not even funny. Burning through them a book a day, and of course, I'm on the last book and Ghost Story doesn't come out until the end of the month. I may go a bit more insane than I already am. ARRGHHH.

This is my second read-through of them, and I'm trying to put the pieces together. I think I know who Cowl is. I also think it's supposed to be kind of obvious but at the same time, "no way I don't believe it."

Between the end of Changes sometime tomorrow and the release of Ghost Story, I think I will just read the Codex Alera. Been seeing so much fan art for it on DevART lately I might as well jump on the bandwagon. I'm sure I'll love it.

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