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Arc 6 - Alpha Wolfe - Page 22
July 1, 2011

EDIT: Vote to see the sketch of Arc 7's title page.

1) Colbey never got the card back from the Sheriff in Driftwood.

2) How does Scot know her name?

3) Who sent him?

You can fill in some major blanks by downloading the Arc 5 extension! It's a PDF, 11 pages long, 1 illustration per page, narrated by Colbey, and while not necessary to the story, it DOES serve to connect certain dots. Five dollah five dollah.

You will be FORWARDED after purchase to the PDF.

Otherwise, I'm too tired to think right now, I really need some sleep and instead all I want to do is read more Dresden Files to gear up for the release of Ghost Story. Priorities. Damn.

PS. When the hell did July get here? Fuuuu----