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Arc 6 - Alpha Wolfe - Page 21
June 29, 2011

Yeah, yeah, unshaded page again. Finished version will be up later today. Also forgot my script at the lab. Figures. Will compare this narrative to the original later.

SF pimpage continues! Up this week is Riven Sol! Future, orphanages, conspiracies, children disappearing, and aliens. Plus, and how cool is this, there is a Kez in that comic. (No relation! hahaha). But very cool. I'm just getting into this one myself, but I like what I'm reading, and the graphics are pretty awesome.


Ok, I'm going for 2 advanced degrees currently, and I already have a Master's, I am not passing judgement on any Docs out there. This is a fictional story. But, there does indeed seem to be correlation between brilliance and total naivete in survival situations, urban or wilderness. People can't be brilliant in ALL things.

Anyone care to guess what Peter got his "fancy letters" in? I'll give you a hint--the name of the company that's come up once or twice. I'll let you go look for it if so inclined.

I'm tossing around an idea to do another short What it Takes side story for $5 download, detailing how Peter got where he is, and why Colbey isn't with him. It involves Dr. Snatch Snitch Bitch here. They have some tense moments lemmetellyou.

As for the last panel here, I'm going to assume that if you read webcomics, you have come across that meme. There only ONE more page left in this arc. Ahhh how is it going to end?

Lastly, What it Takes got a feature over at Remember, a D&D webcomic. Pretty cool! Also reminded me I needed to update my bio...whoops!