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Arc 6 - Alpha Wolfe - Page 15
June 8, 2011


I am so sorry I haven't been updating! I successfully defended by master's thesis on May 26th, promptly moved to Syracuse on May 28th, survived orientation at SUNY Upstate for 2.5 days, and raced home for arrival of eldest bro on leave for about 2 weeks, birth of nephew by eldest sis, and now am awaiting the flock of relatives come to visit!

Basically, I have been busy. Super freaking busy. I have also starting reading some of the books you all recommended a few weeks. I decided to start with a few Terry Pratchett books as recommended by the talented Peg Fisher of Quartz's Kin, and have read six books in six days. And now I'm out of Terry Pratchett unless I find the library in Syracuse. Which I think I will! The footnotes in those books are the funniest things ever. I also read somewhat effing fast, because I never have the time to sit down and read slow! In case you didn't realize that I am busy.

I've also received a few congratulatory emails on getting my master's! Thank you all so much!

I have so many strange and somewhat creepy stories about the new place where I am living. I was raised in the suburbs, basically, but the suburbs that are Close to Things Going On and have rather Open Minded Neighbors (taking a page out of Pratchett's books here). Then I moved to Buffalo and lived downtown, in the heart of a neighborhood known for beautiful gardens, old architecture, music, art, festivals, and of course, Bars That Are Open Until 4am. I have since moved into the heart of an exceptionally...insulted...suburb, with overly-suspicious and nosy neighbors who do not hesitate to call the cops if they spot a strange face.

I am kind of beside myself. It's like that one X-files episode where Mulder and Scully go undercover in the suburb where the golem is killing people who break housing Not Trimming the Hedge. They [my new neighbors] knew everything about me before I moved there. I am having total culture shock and I never thought I would admit this...but I really miss the city. Where streets curve. Where things are DESIGNED--like building facades and parks and there are great ancient trees and complete anonymity because there are so many people.

But I blather. I have a house. A driveway. A yard. And Creepy Neighbors. Kez will survive.

Peace out, folks. Normal update on Friday.