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Arc 6 - Alpha Wolfe - Page 10
May 6, 2011

Oh I should not be working on comics right now. Thesis is due in about a week. I have a final on Tuesday. Holleeee heck. And of course, I'm bumming at the 'rents because I have to go up to Syracuse AGAIN to look at places. I am amazed how very little there is to rent in that city, and I am very much hoping the place we're seeing today is "the one." A small house, yard, shortish commute. Please oh please I can't be driving up there anymore! Not to mention, I don't even have a car right now! I may be buying one tomorrow. I really like the Ford Focus, but the seats don't fold down all the way for the husky-mutt. That versus the Hyundai Elantra or the Toyota Matrix or the Honda Fit. Uggghhh the Focus has the best MPG but it's the only one whose seats don't fold all the way.

Why yes, indeed, I AM choosing a car based on mutt-comfort.

On Tuesday I received most likely the weirdest and yet most memorable call of my life--I was accepted into UTMB Galveston's MD/PhD program...after being rejected...but that is beside the point. I'm all set to go to Syracuse (except for the new place to live part), I'm totally excited about the research they offer there, and I dig the students/faculty. I did not expect to be offered any place at Galveston, I think it was the highest ranked of the places I applied. Apparently I make subjective choices when it comes to life, objective when it comes to cars. Oh well!

If you go back one update to see my nice long and semi-humorous post about Penguicon (open-source software and sci-fi convention), you'll notice I mentioned that I was interviewed by the Webcomic Beacon gang! That mp3 is now up for streaming, and video will come soon. It was a pretty hilarious time.

And finally, I finished the Dune series a few weeks back and am looking for some new reading fodder. The next Dresden Files book doesn't come out until July, I've re-read The Wheel of Time too many times, recently re-read all of the Belgariad/Mallorean sagas by David Eddings...don't dare re-read the Shannara series again...and re-read as much as I could stand of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series (and remembered everything I loved/hated about The Seeker adaptation). Based on the above series, anyone got a recommendation for me? I like 'em long and involved with streaks of humor and/or books that make me rethink my perspectives on world views. Not too much a fan of non-fiction, I prefer a heavy dose of fantasy. I get enough non-fiction every day.

And oh! I'm away from my personal computer so I can't edit the Sexify Colbey campaign, but it's at $110 now, $10 more to go for anime schoolgirl sketch. Go back a page or two to download the wallpaper, I'll add that to the gallery shortly. That's all the blather for today, thanks for reading!