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Arc 6- Alpha Wolfe - Page 8
April 22, 2011

Hahaha those silly psychologists. I mean, uh...tasty? Yeah. This comic will never contain zombies, but it will contain cannibals. When protein is scarce, you make it work. <_<

Due to popular demand (ie, one person), Primrose has been added to cast page. I think you will enjoy her bio. It's amazing how even these minor characters have such a history. No wonder I can't remember stuff for head is too full of fictional lives. Wow! Now if only I could harness that power for good.

The Sexify Colbey campaign was also updated! Only $10 more to go to finish off this phase with a nice background and get to ridiculous anime girl Colbey. For new readers, the "Sexify Colbey" campaign was started a few weeks back in response to some people complaining that Colbey wasn't hot enough. There are 5 phases to the campaign, which started with "WTF." Here's the result from that. I will probably also have this current phase as a cheapy print at Penguicon.

In other news, the hunt for a new place to live continues! It really sucks being like 4 hours away from the city where you want to move. Add a huge dog into mix and choices suddenly plummet. I had one guy tell me flat out "I'll pass [on you as a tenant]" because I have an iguana! He didn't care about the huge, hairy dog, but nooo, the quiet, though large, lizard was just too much for him! If there are any readers based on Syracuse that know a nice, quiet place that is interested in a long-term, clean tenant with good references and solid finances (who also happens to have 2 very well behaved pets), please let me know. I'm incredibly tired of scouring Craigslist 50x a day. UGH!

I might be taking next week off from What it Takes so that I can adequately prepare for Penguicon next weekend as well as draw something for the Japan Needs Heroes project. Finding time amid lab and thesis is pretty tough right now. I'm very much looking forward to this weekend though. Not only do I get to pick up my printed comics, but it's also the baby shower of a certain someone (no not me :P). I'll just need a few shots of scotch and I'll be dandy to socialize for a few hours. Yessss...

Thank you again, awesome readers for your support over the past weeks! Like I've said before, this comic pays my bills. That's a wonderful feeling. I just wish I could devote more time to this comic and update is 3-5x a week! That'd be awesome.

Peace out, yo! Now go read Derelict, Avernyght, Ley Lines and Terra.