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Arc 6- Alpha Wolfe - Page 7
April 20, 2011

See, when he says he "can't," what he really means is that he won't. Because he could. He just won't.

I think I need to add Peter to the cast page finally! Speaking of which....

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Colbey is $15 from being finished and being a downloadable wallpaper for all! For new readers, the "Sexify Colbey" campaign was started a few weeks back in response to some people complaining that Colbey wasn't hot enough. There are 5 phases to the campaign, which started with "WTF." Here's the result from that. In the next phase, FML, Colbey goes anime! Click on the image in the right sidebar to keep that campaign going.

Thank you, O wonderful readers, for supporting this comic so much! I am so thankful that my little hobby can pay my bills. <3 Don't forget about the Arc 5 extension too! It's the donator-only bridge between the events of Arc 5 and Arc 6, and while it's not required to understand or enjoy the story, there's a LOT of fill-in. It's 11 pages long, narrated by Colbey, and has 1 illustration per page. You can nab that here.

In other news, April 26 marks SEVEN years of me doing comics. I may drag out the original pages of The War of Winds to commemorate how far I've come. The pages at the beginning of that archive are so embarrassing, but the ones that I've replaced are even MORE so. Long-time readers may remember a few of those choice pages. Ugghhhh *shudders*

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Thanks for reading, folks!