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Arc 6- Alpha Wolfe - Page 6
April 15, 2011

Blast it, Colbey! Get out of the spotlight so we can get back to Peter!

Ahem. Vote to see a sketch of the next page!

Colbey was updated again in this ridiculous "Sexify" campaign! Only $15 more to go until the wallpaper will be completed and available to all. Five dollah more finishes Colbey, and ten dollah gets us a background. According to Snudden of Avernyght, I have a thing for scenery. It may not get to come out much in this comic, but it does in my other comic! Click Colbey to finish up that, and click here to view the results of the WTF phase. The FML phase takes us to an anime tech savvy Colbey. Please remember this whole thing is only happening because people complained Colbey wasn't sexy enough! Well, this is what you get :P

In other news, I placed the order to get Arcs 2-5 printed yesterday. The order will be small, so if you are interested in pre-ordering, please drop me a line at If you can make it to Penguicon, you can also pick up a copy there. I can't guarantee any stock after the end of April.

There's also the Arc 5 Extension! Do you have no idea what's going on here? That could help! You'll find out weeks earlier than everyone else WTF is going on. 11 pages long, narrated by Colbey, with 1 illustration per page. You will be FORWARDED after purchase.

Click the "proceed to donation coordinator" button after ordering to be forwarded to the extension.

If you ordered it and didn't get it, email me please and I'll send it right away (

Thank you guys so much for your support of this comic! It buys me food. Kez happens to like food a lot.