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Arc 6- Alpha Wolfe - Page 5
April 13, 2011

Back to Peter, wherever he is, discussing whatever it is that he is discussing. Vote to see the sketch of the next page!

Do you want to understand weeks before everyone else what the heck is going on here? Then I direct you the Arc 5 Extension! It's an 11 page extension of the previous arc, narrated by Colbey, with one illustration per page. Guaranteed to be worth the $5!

Colbey was updated in the Sexify Colbey campaign! If you're new to this, the campaign is the result of several people complaining that Colbey wasn't hot enough. To teach people a lesson, I drew this. We're almost done with the current phase! $20 more completes it. Then we reach the FML stage, where we go all techno. Uh oh!

Yeah, sorry to be all about the extension and the sexify thing, finances are just tough right now. Don't hold it against me please! <3

In other news, I've started video blogging again.

It always amuses me how these videos bust people's preconceptions about me/comic creators in general. Heh.

It was a tradition in my previous "vlogs" (oh how I hate that word...) to answer questions posed by the audience about the comic(s). If you have a question you'd like answered, please post. I'll pick a few. I will not reveal spoilers though! Please note the video was made more for War of Winds readers than What it Takes ;)

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