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Arc 6- Alpha Wolfe - Page 4
April 8, 2011

Told you all I was going JJ Abrams on you...but you can vote to see a sketch of the next page!

There is this totally awesome comic called Derelict that all of you should be reading right now. You like this comic? Post-apocalyptic kick ass tales in general? Then why aren't you reading it? Go! Go! It totally blows this comic out of the water. It's the new work of Ben Fleuter, who did Parallel Dementia!

A few weeks back I posted about Derelict, and how Colbs and Dang, Ben's protagonist, should get together and discuss stuff survivors talk about (marinating seagulls, etc). Well, Ben made this! And of course, this now calls for reciprocation. Oh yes. I have so much fan art to make other people it's absurd.

The "Sexify Colbey" campaign is still going strong! (This is totally in jest, by the way, for you new readers. A few people complained she wasn't hot enough, which resulted in phase 1, "WTF.") Phase 2, OMG, is Colbey done in the style of my other comic, The War of Winds, if she tried at all to look "hot" when people are out to kill her. Because, as we all know, looks are everything in this situation. coughbullshitcough. Ahem.

Anyway, for this week only and until next wednesday, all purchases of the Arc 5 extention ALSO go toward Colbey's sexification. I start shading next. In the end, about $25 more, this will be a free, downloadable wallpaper for all.

Also for you new readers, The Extension is 11 pages long, narrated by Colbey, with one illustration per page. It is an extra, not necessary for the story, but fans will NOT be disappointed! Some serious stuff gets told in that. It's the events that happen right after the end of Arc 5, when Colbey was kicked out of Driftwood. Here's what people have said about it:

"Also the extra story is FREAKING AWESOME, totally worth the $$. Read it and first thing I could saw was OMFG!!!" -Mark


"And wow... That 5 buck extension is totally worth it! Awesome twists in there!" -MSB

"Trust me, the extra arc is AMAZING! Totally worth it." -Sharon

" were right, the extra story is totally worth the $." -nicheck

And let me make this clear again: this story is EXTRA. It is not required to understand events after. BUT! Some pretty cool things come out in the open, and it will serve to make the reading experience of the comic better. FIVE DOLLAH FIVE DOLLAH! Click the button in the right sidebar.


You should have been forwarded after purchase by clicking on the big, yellow, "proceed to donation coordinator" button. It's totally vague, I know. If you never clicked that, please EMAIL ME (warofwinds@gmail.cOM) with the paypal address you used when buying it and I will email you the link. I try to automate the downloads so you don't have to wait for turnaround on my end.