Arc 6 - Alpha Wolfe - Page 3
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Arc 6- Alpha Wolfe - Page 3
April 6, 2011

Welcome to the new site! I got really tired of looking at the other design so we've moved to this. There is some new functionality--for example, Intense Debate comments instead of the other method. Now you guys can have avatars! It also means none of the comments from the previous site incarnation were moved over (yet! Our wonderful SF admin is working on that), so you have to comment extra to make up for it! Also, you can now click on the comic to go to the next comic.

The archive page is not functional yet, I have to change the links and I'm going cross-eyed right now from staring at screens. Please excuse the dust. I've tested the site in the latest versions of Firefox, IE and Chrome. Stuff should be working, feel free to comment if something is borked up.

Because we're so close to reaching my goal for getting What it Takes printed, today I'm offering a special deal! Any purchases of the Extension of Arc 5 *points right* ALSO goes toward to Sexify Colbey campaign *points down and right*. There's already another update in the works, but when the OMG phase is complete, remember that it will be a public wallpaper for everyone! The Extension is 11 pages long, narrated by Colbey, with one illustration per page. It is an extra, not necessary for the story, but fans will NOT be disappointed! Some serious stuff gets told in that. It's the events that happen right after the end of Arc 5.


You should have been forwarded after purchase by clicking on the big, yellow, "proceed to donation coordinator" button. It's totally vague, I know. If you never clicked that, please EMAIL ME (warofwinds@gmail.cOM) with the paypal address you used when buying it and I will email you the link. I try to automate the downloads so you don't have to wait for turnaround on my end.

As for today's page, I was amazed how difficult it was to find a good topographical map. Google was unhelpful. Had to piecemeal it from this ancient site for school lessons. THEN @kisai informed me the USGS has all that stuff on their site...which must not be search engine friendly. SIGH.

Anyway, I'm completely exhausted and need to crash. I'll probably update this post tomorrow. Thanks for reading!