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Arc 5 - Scot Free - Page 22
March 25, 2011

It's the end of the chapter! Can't believe it. 110 pages in barely over 1 year. This is the official end of Book One too! vote to see the cover page of the next arc, and don't forget the cast page was updated too!

Though Arc 6 is starting next Wednesday (or maybe monday, I still owe two Monday updates), the $5 dollar extra segment of Arc 5 will have a lot of goodies not introduced for quite some time!

It's the story of what happens to Colbey between the end of Arc 5 (from that very last panel) and where she starts at this NEXT arc. Each page has 1 illustration and is narrated by Colbey. It's extra, you don't need it to get what's going to happen, but seriously--fans will not regret buying it. Thanks so much for all the purchases so far! I'm amazed so many people are buying it. You guys are so great!

So far, this is what people are saying (yeah I'm quoting y'all, thanks for leaving these comments! And feel free to keep leaving them so I can add to it and encourage moar purchazes):

"Also the extra story is FREAKING AWESOME, totally worth the $$. Read it and first thing I could saw was OMFG!!!" -Mark


"And wow... That 5 buck extension is totally worth it! Awesome twists in there!" -MSB

"Trust me, the extra arc is AMAZING! Totally worth it." -Sharon

And let me make something else clear: this story is EXTRA. It is not required to understand events after. BUT! Some pretty cool things come out in the open, and it will serve to make the reading experience of the comic better. FIVE DOLLARS! Click the button above.

Colbey was updated again! We're working through the inking phase, another $15 gets that finished and on to colors. In the OMG phase, I will be making Colbey (as herself, not pink-haired with chihuahua) looking much hotter than usual. The sketch will progress through inks and coloring until it is a high-quality downloadable wallpaper for all. Click on Colbey to participate in that.

Don't want to spend money here? I get that. What helps me out more than anything is the readers here spreading the word about this comic. Word of mouth is the BEST kind of advertising, and I make a bit from selling ad space here. Next time you come across that forum thread "what webcomics do you read", link the hell out of WiT, oh wonderful people. Because this soon-to-be-graduating master's student needs to make ends meet.

Comment Replies

Darwin: thanks for buying! This next arc will hopefully clarify some other things too :D And I think Scot doesn't want the thanks, he's just happy to not have the guilt of her being hanged!

Mark: Ah, that Mark did spell his name with a little m I think.

nicheck: thank you! Haha, those exchange rates are pretty sweet right now I'm told!

Thanks for reading guys!