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Spring Break
March 16, 2011

I have had MEGA computer and internet connection issues since traveling for break. Probably will not be any updates this week, apologies. On the plus side...well...I'M having fun! (even if Colbey ain't.) Ta-ta, the beach calls!
Arc 5 - Scot Free - Page 20
March 10, 2011

I am off on my spring break this coming week. This will probably be my last real vacation for a few years, so I'm taking it and doing it in style. I will be at the Outer Banks, and even though it's only March, heck, that's summer down there compared to here.

I do expect to be able to update next week, but I will not have access to my awesome machine, so I'm putting something up a bit early. It's an 11-page story of events that happen between the end of this arc and the beginning of the next. Believe me, you will LIKE it. And it's only $5! Each page has 1 illustration, with text--like a storybook (rated R). It contains quite a few secret details that will not be revealed in this story for many chapters to come, but will only serve to make the story better for readers--not spoil it. You can buy it now by clicking on the image below. After purchase, you will be forwarded to the PDF.

My empty fridge thanks you for your patronage.

Also, Colbey has been upgraded! In the OMG phase, I will be making Colbey (as herself, not pink-haired with chihuahua) looking much hotter than usual. The sketch will progress through inks and coloring until it is a high-quality downloadable wallpaper for all. Click on Colbey to participate in that.

Don't want to spend money here? I get that. What helps me out more than anything is the readers here spreading the word about this comic. Word of mouth is the BEST kind of advertising, and I make a bit from selling ad space here. Next time you come across that forum thread "what webcomics do you read", link the hell out of WiT, oh wonderful people. Because this soon-to-be-graduating master's student needs to make ends meet.

In other news, got my head shaved this past Monday as part of the Bald for Bucks fundraising event. We broke through the goal in an awesome way and ended up raising $1055! As per the deal for reaching the goal, after shaving the head I also went Aang on the world. See the photos here! And more here for you FB folks. Thanks for all the support in my crazy ventures, folks!

Comment Replies

Mai: Glad you like their symbol! I would guess Bob's nature is why he wasn't invited to A City in a Place, but hey, Yehti trusted him. He must have SOME good qualities.

Xanthine: Thanks! Glad you're feeling the drama of the rescue :)

mark: He IS a bit of a hypocrite, isn't he?

Darwin: Hmm...I dunno, I'd give the Sheriff a bit more credit than that!

Lord Morgue: Gunslingers? Nah! I think I have to insert a half-buried statue of liberty now!

Erik: Pfft, lynch mobs are all crazy, who knows what they'd find entertaining? Thanks about the flow--I always worry about that!

Mvmarcz: Heh. heheheheh. 0______0