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Arc 5 - Scot Free - Page 19
March 9, 2011

Unhappy Bob is unhappy.

And we have the name of another gang/group/collective: Alpha-Omega. Often shortened to 'Mega. More info on them as the story develops. For now I only want you all to know they've got some major clout in certain things.

I am also establishing a certain link between events that was not mentioned before. Accept, move on. Play this card at a later date.

Three more pages in this Arc! Can't believe I'm over 100 pages into this already. Also another upgrade to the Sexify Colbey campaign is due, just letting you guys know. Fighting for time this week.

In other news, got my head shaved this past Monday as part of the Bald for Bucks fundraising event. We broke through the goal in an awesome way and ended up raising $1055! As per the deal for reaching the goal, after shaving the head I also went Aang on the world. See the photos here! And more here for you FB folks. Thanks for all the support in my crazy ventures, folks!

Comment Replies

Lord Morgue: Ah, good points, but tell me--was it elitism by choice, or necessity? Correct about the rope.

Koad: Cannot WAIT for gross anatomy lab.

Moss: Thanks Moss! And I can only hope to be like those guys. That's one of my favorite shows!

Varangian: 0_____________________0

Xanthine: She didn't have her full weight on the rope to choke her thanks to magical comic timing! But as for the symbol, it's not typical in form, but is just a short form of "The Alpha and the Omega." Stressing the latter, since the omega is swallowing the alpha. And it's the end of the world. And stuff.

MSB: Thanks!

Mark: That's a pretty wild guess! I will say nothing :P

Darwin: There's a lot that's supposed to fly over your head right now that will be connected later too.