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PayPal Button Fixed
January 20, 2023

Apparently the buttons I had been using from PayPal were not functioning correctly. If you tried to buy a book a did not receive a confirmation email, you were NOT charged. The buttons in the news posts now work right. Sorry folks!

The Real End
January 16, 2023

If you want an omnibus and couldn't back the campaign for whatever reason, you can purchase a copy for $65 + $8 shipping (US readers only):

If you live outside the US, email me at to discuss the most up to date shipping to your address, to determine if you actually want to pay that much. It's between $40 and $77 so far, depending on where you live.

I'll be finishing up Scot's Fortunes next, which is a side story about Scot that will only be available to Patrons and Kickstarter backers. After that, I'll take a little break and pick back up The War of Winds as a novel with occasional illustrations. If you want to keep up with that, you can follow me on twitter, FB, and Patreon.

Thanks so much everyone! May you find new and engaging comics moving forward! There are so many now, and it's amazing the difference compared to when I started.

*I'm waiting on one person's address, and some photoreferences for another, but otherwise, all ordered books are out the door.

Patrons who reserved their books back over the summer, your books have shipped as well, except for those who have not provided me their addresses. Check your Patreon accounts please!

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