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Books arrived!
January 2, 2023

The books are here, and they are 3.5 solid pounds of gorgeous heft! Perfect for cleaving the skulls of your enemies, laying untouched on your coffee table, propping up monitors, keeping doors open, and squashing large spiders!

Also for reading and re-reading, I guess!

Books start shipping to backers on wednesday 1/4! I'm starting at backer 1 and just going down the list. Fulfillment should be done by end of the month and then I'll move on to Scot's Fortunes.

If you want an omnibus and couldn't back the campaign for whatever reason, you can purchase a copy for $65 + $8 shipping (US readers only):

International readers, I'm so sorry, shipping is horrifically expensive right now. But, if you live outside the US and want a copy, just email me at so I can calculate your shipping (and you can see if you're still interested. Minimum: $40 even to Canada right now. Max so far has been $77 to AUS).

Thanks everyone! It's been a crazy 12 years but I hope you had fun along with me, Colbs, and the gang. Patreon will be moving over to War of Winds based content as soon as fulfilment is complete here and I can breath a sigh of relief at closing this chapter. <3

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