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Digital Rewards Are Out!
December 11, 2022

Kickstarter backers (Bowie Knife tiers and Machete+ tiers), the digital book was sent out on 12/8! Check your email for the link to download <3.

Bowie Knife tier is the book as it appears on the website with even more finishing touches. It includes Avalon and Longest Goodbye.

Machete tier digital book includes The Proposal, The Prequel, and Arc 5 Extra (and the printed book contains the direct links via QR code to all the add ons).

Printed books should ship next week! If you are an Iowa City Area local, I should be able to hand deliver. As for everyone else, I'm not risking your book getting lost in the holiday shipping circus and would be shipping after the new year. This is especially true for Bookplate backers, as those only just arrived and I still have to draw all your requests!

Epilogue - Page 24 - The End
October 7, 2022

Well, that's a wrap! And how could I not put the title in there just one more time :P

Yes, it's not 100% closure. Will they all die? High likelihood. In my head? Nah. With Arthur dead, people are looking for a new leader. Colbey doesn't want to lead, she's way too tired for that. Peter gets the hot seat and Colbey is his behind the curtains enforcer. She also goes back to landscaping. And by landscaping I mean fortifications that look pretty and have a good variety of native plants to support the local pollinators when they're finally released to build back the local ecosystem. Saving the world means restoring nature and the food chain.

Was that going to make it in the comic? No. This isn't the Hobbit.

What's next? A sequel.LOL NO. I next move to Full time on revisions. I want the files to the printer Nov 1.

I wish I had something meaningful and profound to say after finishing a project that took over a decade and accompanied me through success, tragedy, cross-county moves, and significant life trajectory changes. People always ask me "you're Colbey, right?" It's a question I never understood. I'm all my characters. Do I have a tiny, violent gremlin inside of me that delights at using sharp instruments? Sure. I think we all probably do (or maybe I'm just weird? Idk). Do I have a much larger part of me that wants to save the world through science and empathy and BEES? Oh yes. There's massive parts of me in this story, same as every other story I've written. What was important to me was that the tiny gremlin found some peace and some purpose and some love, in spite of the massive character flaws. And that the naive scientist who wanted to save the world probably could given the right friends and right support.

It's all just a dream in the end. But I hope this end closes up enough loose ends, and leaves enough open, that you can all envision yourselves how it goes.

Thanks for reading. It's been a wonderful journey.

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