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Arc 5 - Scot Free - Page 18
March 4, 2011

Dear world: Dr Dr Kez is on her way to you. I was offically accepted into a program! An awesome one. SUNY Upstate in Syracuse, NY. One I didn't think I was going to get into. SUPER HAPPY RIGHT NOW. *runs around in tiny circles*

Sorry about missing Wednesday's update. I tried to get it done, but it just wasn't going to happen before I left. I interviewed at SUNY Stony Brook (for their MSTP program), and for the first time ever, drove into NYC.

Holy. Freaking. Frick frack. How do people LIVE there? Also, $8.00 to cross a bridge? SERIOUSLY. Ok, but anyway. Stony Brook is on Long Island almost an hour east of the city. Had a great time (for once). Usually the interviews are quite a painful process and are more like an interrogation than an interview. At Texas, I had one guy grill me for an hour on cancer--causes, prevention, phenotypes, why why why (guess what! WE DON'T KNOW THAT'S WHY WE'RE RESEARCHING IT)? It was like an oral exam, and by the way--that was my first interview for a position EVER. Way to give me a positive experience, Texas! *shakes fist* At Buffalo, their first interview was at barely past 8am. Kez is lucky to get her name right at that hour. And THEN like 6 interviews that lasted 45 minutes each. I think I was losing my voice at the end there. BUT I totally love the mentality there and the people in charge. Same at St. Louis. I judge a program not by the research going on there, but by the leadership and wherewithal of the student body. At certain places I won't mention, I was not impressed by either.

But at Stony Brook? The interviews were along the line of, "Let's have a conversation!" It was nice. Had one guy who SEEMED really impressed by my personal statement (I say seemed because I think it was draw a certain reaction out of me which ended up just being mild embarrassment that he was so incredibly pleased about a [truthful] document I wrote up in order to impress people I hadn't met...I mean, the whole point there is to make an impression, and when I feel strongly about something, damn can I make impressions), but he carried the conversation so much I really didn't have anything to say. He was a cool dude though. Get the feeling he was storyteller. Kinda like Ducky from NCIS. Everyone I met and interviewed with was pretty cool. Don't know if I've watched too many Law and Order episodes though, but I always get the feeling some guys play good cop and bad cop to see how people react under stress, or blurt out their hidden shame (ah! So you ARE trying to do this JUST for the free ride!). Half the time in those situations I just want to be like, "Really? RLY? Stop being so transparent and just ask me the question you want to ask. And for goodness' sake would you stop TYPING my answers as I'm speaking? Do you have any idea how annoying that is? Just give me the laptop and I'll type it myself." One day I hope to have the clout to say such things without being told to GTFO. Check back in 6-8 years...

But I ramble because I drove all last night, my sleep is out of whack, and I'm starving. Enjoy today's comic. And Colbey, shut up.

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Comment replies

Mark: I'd be thinking the same thing too, but I think considering the pit behind her, she'd rather have him hold on!

Darwin: Plan? Oh, you give him too much credit!

Xanthine: Pfft, Colbey clear-headed? I think you have the wrong story!

MSB: It does fit him, don't it?

Varangian: The size of that bore is probably my fault. Bigger hole is more impressive. (That's what she said.) (Oh no I didn't). It's a .38 though!

Mai: That. Was. Terrible. hehehehe