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Arc 5 - Scot Free - Page 17
February 25, 2011

And we have a name for our mystery man! That same dude from the bar in arc 4! And his name is Scot! And what is the name of this chapter? Oh yes. Scot Free. See how it all makes sense now?

But what did Scot do earlier? Yes, you have to wait longer! This arc is over in 5 more pages. :)

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Comment replies

Mai: Yup, most Colb(e)y's I know are guys! And now, I'll tell you right now, they're not related! :P

Dawn: Yup, that's him!

Xanthine: Glad you like it! Colbey's a survivor though--they don't play hero very well!

Katie: Maybe it is! heheheh.

Darwin: Hahah! Yes, he totally had an even worse death in mind *cackles*