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Arc 5 - Scot Free - Page 16
February 23, 2011

ZOMG she isn't dead no way.

What is going on?

Ahhhhhh yes you have to wait. So sorry.

I had news to put here but I finished this page fabulously late and now I don't remember it. EDIT! Now I remember! Here ends our last two surviving Red Shirts from the last arc. Say goodbye to Andy and Bugbyte! Thanks for faithfully serving in the RSQ. Your deaths WILL be in vain. The next few Red Shirts bite the dust in Arc 6! You too can die (or simply cameo) in the comic by signing up here. Please read the post in its entirety before signing up.

And don't forget about Bald for Bucks! I am shaving my head (and shining it, and painting on it) to raise funds for cancer research and patient care here at Roswell Park cancer Institute, where I am slave graduate student. Ahem. Only $245 to go to reach my goal! Pictures will abound after the special day. Told my dad on the phone the other day. He spazzed out. It was great.

This arc only has 6 more pages left in it. I'm going to be making a very special interlude half-chapter (11 pages) that will take place between the end of this arc and the beginning of the next arc. Those of you who were in my Livestream last night know what the content will be. I'm taking a page out of the XyliaTales book and will be crafting a written story, with an illustration per page, that will be available for download for $5 or thereabouts. The interlude is extra and is not required to follow along with the main story. But, I will also say, the interlude is FREAKING AWESOME. I will probably add it to the print version of Arc 5 as well.

Comment replies

Mai: Unfortunately, Bob is not too keen on lengthly speeches. Ah, well!

MSB: Hahaha! Will fix that later. Thanks for the catch.

Varangian: YOU HAVE FOUND THE TRUTH. This is secretly set in New Scandanavia, where Odin rules with his one eye and metaphorically-iron fist! teeheehee

Darwin: Change of heart? Well, we'll see! heheheh.