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Epilogue - Page 2
July 20, 2022

While I have never been in the ICU myself, I have seen plenty of patients come to while intubated after a trauma. I imagine it truly is hell.

Come back Friday for page 3!

The Omnibus Kickstarter Approaches!

The Kickstarter begins August 1st! I'm still negotiating with the printer about final specs, but here's the most up to date:
- Single volume at 575 pages (5 books in 1)
- $65 per book (I know that's pricy but it's a single volume and gigantic)
- soft cover (hard cover would bump that price point significantly)
- 2 comic strips per page
- B/W with spot color for the color pages
- color cover
- 9.25 x 9.25"
- will include QR codes to directly take readers to the DLC stories (*points to right side bar*)
- book plates with drawings (limited quantity)

In addition, there will be add-on options for post-card (5x7") fancy prints, including a brand new print that Patrons can see here, AND a kickstarter exclusive short story "Scot's Fortunes." This short story will be very similar to the other downloadable stories (*points right*) but will be both a tier and an add on.

And, also, I need your help! If you were featured as a member of the Red Shirt Squad, (or know someone who was featured) I've been trying to contact you regarding using your likenesses in print form! I haven't had luck contacting the following people:

Nicholas J Brown

I don't consider permission to use your likenesses in the digital medium as permission to use your likenesses in print, so please email me if it's ok that I keep you in the story! You have until August 15 to let me know <3

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