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Epilogue - Page 1
July 18, 2022

It begins!

Sorry guys, I fucked up the comments by erasing a couple pages from the archives. So they are horrifically unsynched. M'bad.

This week, you get M/W/F updates. Until the epilogue is complete, you'll get W/F starting next week!

The Kickstarter begins August 1st! I'm still negotiating with the printer about final specs, but here's the most up to date:
- Single volume at 575 pages (5 books in 1)
- $65 per book (I know that's pricy but it's a single volume and gigantic)
- soft cover (hard cover would bump that price point significantly)
- 2 comic strips per page
- B/W with spot color for the color pages
- color cover
- 9.25 x 9.25"
- will include QR codes to directly take readers to the DLC stories (*points to right side bar*)
- book plates with drawings (limited quantity)

In addition, there will be add-on options for post-card (5x7") fancy prints, including a brand new print that Patrons can see here, AND a kickstarter exclusive short story "Scot's Fortunes." This short story will be very similar to the other downloadable stories (*points right*) but will be both a tier and an add on.

And, also, I need your help! If you were featured as a member of the Red Shirt Squad, (or know someone who was featured) I've been trying to contact you regarding using your likenesses in print form! I haven't had luck contacting the following people:

Nicholas J Brown

I don't consider permission to use your likenesses in the digital medium as permission to use your likenesses in print, so please email me if it's ok that I keep you in the story! You have until August 15 to let me know <3

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