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March 18, 2022

Had a massive set back. A very good friend died. I lost weeks of productivity and I've been trying hard to pull out of this spiral. Art is hard when you can barely function. But hey, Arc 16 is fully revised now, I guess? It's something.
Arc 25 - Regrets - Page 202
February 4, 2022

And that's a wrap!

Cliffhanger much? I mean, hopefully not. Hopefully you recognize that arm. Hopefully the symbolism is clear.

Hopefully you all realize Peter didn't accidentally shock himself to death to join Colbey as she drowns into that sweet goodnight.

So, seems pretty clear everyone thinks the epilogue should be for everyone. So what I'm going to do is publish it on the site (publicly) DURING the crowdfunding campaign. I'm still work on the epilogue, so it's not ready yet. I will post it early for patrons of course, for anyone who wants to continue to support while I work on the epilogue and revision pages.

But, no need to continue support for those who don't want to. Revision pages are public. Epilogue pages will be patrons only until the crowdfunding campaign.

So, come back mid-april for the epilogue! I'll be posting teasers and such on my twitter and FB. Thanks for the wild ride all! It's been an honor.

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