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Arc 5 - Scot Free - Page 14
February 15, 2011

...Except for Sheriff Bob, who embodies the law, of course.

And hey! It's that other guy! From before! I wonder who he is?

I wish I had something smart to post here but I don't. Too distracted with studying for an exam, argh. I did just discover this awesome comic today though. Check it out! Post- apocalyptic, with zombies. Totally diggin' the coloring. (Gory, FYI).

And let us not forget that Mvmarcz's comic Avernyght returned from hiatus just this past Monday! Mvmarcz is that wonderful individual who brought you a nekkid Yehti jumping out of a birthday cake (who could forget that scarring experience?), not to mention her most recent Valentine's Day gift for The War of Winds. Duurrrrr. <3

The "Operation: Sexify" campaign is still going strong! I am happy to announce we have completed the "WTF" phase of this experiment, and you can see the collage as it progressed here on my DevART. We now are in the OMG phase, where I will draw her as if she were a Marvel character. Spandex and black leather, ahoy! I think now we can all agree this whole thing is beyond ridiculous, right? Colbey is fine just the way she is. She suits the setting. This is still crazy fun though!

Bald for Bucks is going so well! We broke through $700 on Monday. So awesome. If you missed it, I'm shaving my head to help raise funds for cancer research and patient care. As a master's student researcher at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, my goal is to kick cancer's ass WITH SCIENCE! You can help out. Plus, you get to see me bald. With the blue arrow of the Airbenders painted onto my head. Donations of any amount are appreciated! However, I can not put this toward extra pages here, I apologize! Kez needs to make money too and can't always work for free. The shave takes place on March 7, a few days earlier than intended, but that's the big day at RPCI where we all get it done together, so that's cool. Hope no one minds! I'm getting a friend to take pictures. :3

Comment Replies

Mai: Oh, didn't you know? This comic is only 5 arcs long! *cough* Bye, Colbs! RIP.

Babs: There WILL be a reckoning. Primrose should know there are lines not to cross, even for those on death row!

MP: Try page 1, buddy. And any page with Colbey before she gets to the city.

OctoSolo: Yes. A magical escape plan. Totally.

Darwin: Primrose is as evil as her flowery name implies! *cackles*