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Arc 5 - Scot Free - Page 13
February 10, 2011

For some reason I always underestimate how tired coming back from these interviews makes me. Hope to be back on track with updates next week, BUT, I've got ANOTHER interview on Wednesday. Ug. Excited about it of course, just tired. And of course, a huge exam the day after. Life is sthuper.

I've gotten a few emails about how the interview at St. Louis went. It seems like a great time, SLU treated us incredibly well, and I had a lot of fun. I've actually never had an interview as fun...I think because this time the faculty actually read that huge application I spent hours writing. There's nothing quite like having to repeat everything verbally that you've already written down. Hopefully I didn't geek out over art-stuff too much during one of those interviews :P

Also, interestingly enough...I think some faculty might be readers now? Cool. I think. Not sure considering the subject matter and some inside jokes that I hope will be taken as intended--satire.

Speaking of those inside jokes! There were 2 donations towards the Sexify Colbey campaign, getting us to the OMG phase of this ridiculousness. I hope we can all agree now that Colbey is just fine the way she...but that this is also fun to see. OMG gets us an entirely NEW Colbey design to be modified more with each donation.

Also, you guys all totally rock because we're way past the half-way point on my Bald for Bucks for cancer research fundraiser. Kez will be bald as of March 12, with the avatar arrow painted onto her head. And totally awesome, I have an interview with Stony Brook on the 16th. HA. At least I will be, uh, memorable? Shite.

Comment Replies

Basically, just thanks for all the support for Bald for Bucks and not giving me grief over late updates! <3