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Arc 5 - Scot Free - Page 12
January 28, 2011

...he always forgets which eye he's supposed to have lost.

Shading on this page is going to have to wait until AFTER I'M DONE STRESSING OUT OVER INTERVIEWS AAAARRRGHHHHH. This is the last update for a bit--I am back on Feb 9, ok? Same vote incentive as wednesday--an alternate conversation between Colbey and Sheriff Bob. Vote for WiT!.

(previous news:) WiT has two more extra Monday updates coming to it thanks to donations to the Comic Creators Alliance against human trafficking. We all helped raise over $5K! How awesome is that?! Those updates won't come until mid February. Comics will not be updating next week (Jan 31-Feb 7). I am out of town for three consecutive interviews for MD/PhD programs. So, I will be a stress bomb primed for detonation. Plz forgive. Can't juggle the travel with comics. I hope to do comic spot lights or something, but if you've got any art I can put up, please send it in!

Operation: Sexify

First, look RIGHT and refresh your browser.

How this works: Colbey is not changing in the comic. This is something extra and funny for those complainers out there who should be careful what they wish for. There are 5 different levels of absurdity. Colbey's make-overs get more absurd as we go up in levels. Each make-over tweak is $5. We are currently on level one, hereby dubbed "WTF." There is much more WTF planned.

HOWEVER! She will be getting prettier (in the "traditional American" comic sense) as this side-project progresses, until she will be unrecognizable. I will present this at the end as a collage (of horror).

Sexifications so far: pants (hairy, bruised legs), shirt (farmer's tan!), combat boots (those are smexy or something, right?)

Next up: stupid froofy hair and getting rid of the vest! Each one is $5, and you can see the transformation is happens here on my DevART.

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