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Arc 5 - Scot Free - Page 10
January 24, 2011

Do we remember why it would be bad for Colbey to say from whom she rescued Alex? No? Go back and read the beginning of Arc 4.

Today's vote incentive is an alternate conversation between Colbey and Sheriff Bob. Vote for WiT!.

Today is the LAST day until July to submit your comic to SpiderForest! SF is the place that hosts me and all my work, and has hosted me for years. I highly recommend any comic creator serious about their work to apply! Details here. There are many perks, and frankly, no cons IMHO. If it weren't awesome, I wouldn't be here!

Thanks to donations to the Comic Creators Alliance, there's another TWO extra monday updates scheduled! Today is ALSO the final day to donate to the CCA. Send me your receipt, and I'll add it toward extra monday pages! ($20 each!) Read below for more information! (However, donations through the CCA do not get you a complimentary What it Takes Issue 1, sorry!)

What is Human Trafficking? IT'S SOMETHING COLBEY REALLY HATES. Because it's modern day slavery of kids, often for forced prostitution, and it's beyond abhorrent we as a people let this go on under our noses.

Remember that movie Taken? Yeah. That shit actually happens. You can help end it, and get extra comics, BUT TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR IT.

The money that the CCA raised last year was split between two organizations, one global--Love 146, and a local shelter trying to get up and running--Gracehaven in Ohio. (Toledo, Ohio is one of the largest trafficking hubs in the U.S.) Both organizations were able to expand their particular fights against this heinous problem in 2010. Love 146 is setting up Task Forces around America, local groups of concerned citizens bringing the fight and awareness to their own corners of the nation. Internationally, Love 146 set up the Cambodia Border Officers Project. This is total prevention: officers patrol the border crossing, looking for possible victims and the kids they rescue will never know the horrors they might have. Gracehaven used our funds in the ongoing renovations that are necessary to bring the house up to code--plumbing and air conditioning were installed, along with two new bathrooms. They hope to be up and running soon but must first have six months of operating expenses in the bank. They are currently at one fifth of their goal--let's see what we can do to help them (Or Colbey will kick your ass)!

The Donations Drive goes live January 11th on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and will last until the 24th.

Send me (warofwinds AT gmail PERIOD com) your Paypal recepit after donating to the CCA, and I'll add that amount to the extra page pot in the sidebar at left for Monday What it Takes updates.

Operation: Sexify

First, look UP and RIGHT.

Ok, you realize this is a joke now, right? That nothing I draw for this will EVER be in the comic? Colbey stays as she in the comic. Tomboy. This is just fun. Fun with alterior movies. Every $5= 1 tweak on the Colbster. Enjoy! The first $5 got Colbey some short shorts. NOW YOU KNOW WHY COLBEY WEARS PANTS. Who has the time to shave after the apocalypse? :P She'll get prettier step by step.

And look at that farmer's tan!

Comment Replies

Mai: Of COURSE she's just perfect! She's Colbey, and that's that. :P

GiftofGalliard: Haha! No worries! She's not changing for real, just as an extra little thing! Glad you like her as she is <3

Xanthine: ...hope you don't need that money for anything ;)

OctoSolo: haha! You keep giving me vote incentive ideas!

Varangian: Haven't seen Road Warrior (sad, I know!), and her looks make perfect sense to ME...but people are used to comics=sexy. I'll give 'em what they want, and then let them decide if that's what they REALLY wanted. I'm betting they'll change their mind.

MSB: But-but!

Tolwen: Reward changed! Don't worry, I'll have more eye-scarring things up there soon.