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Another update!
August 18, 2018

I did it guys! The test is over! And I know I prepared sufficiently for it so I'm not going to stress out about it any more. But believe me when I say that this exam kinda determined my whole future, so thank you for bearing with the lack of updates while I secured the freedom to have choices in residency <3
Not Dead
August 4, 2018

Sorry for the radio silence.

I have been studying for the giant, life-altering, ever-important Final Exam of Medical School. It is eating up the great majority of my days!

And THEN I'm away living in another city for an entire month doing in an internship, and I won't have my computer! I'll do my best to get you updates in the coming 6 weeks, but I can't promise very much :( I'm very sorry!

If anyone has any What it Takes related art or fiction they'd like to send in meanwhile, I'd love to put it up on the site and link you (or a reasonable site of your choice).

Send positive vibes and/or chocolate.

Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 304
July 18, 2018

Uh, Colbey...he seemed kinda important.


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And, check out this AMAZING piece of crossover art by Keii4ii of Heart of Keol! WHO WILL WIN!? Colbey, or Astyr of Sombulus??? I have my opinions...:P Kick his ass Colbey! (But spare his pretty face).

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