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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 273
February 2, 2018

Sorry the page is late.

This was a really hard week for me. We had a lot of patients come in with really bad prognoses and every day I watched as they got worse. Twice this week I came home and kinda just went straight to bed, utterly exhausted.

I have this next week off though, thank goodness. I need some sleep and me-time.

In other news, Disqus, the commenting service used on this site (*points down*) is putting mandatory ads on the free version, and it's $9 per month for no ads. I'll end up subscribing to that service, because my patreon supports an ad-free site.

However...if any nice folks...wanna pledge to that patreon...would be much obliged...<3

Late Page
February 2, 2018

Page will be late, probably up over the weekend. But here's the sketch of it!

I was too tired to do more :(

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