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General Updates
January 16, 2017

Hey folks! As the image today demonstrates, I've been going back to update old pages as the story nears completion.

This will not affect the update schedule. Right now, we're holding steady at 2 extra monday updates each month, in addition the default wednesday/friday schedule.

You can view the before/after comparisons on my twitter page. And here's a compilation of a bunch of pages on Patreon that's open to the public.

January 13, 2017

Hey Carcharadon, I think I accidentally erased your comment in my "just woke up" haze of clicking things on my phone. Sorry!
Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 174
January 13, 2017

Colbey: you need to respect others' space. Eze doesn't like loud noises or obnoxious people entering his personal zone.

Reminder: guest art from the archives has been moved to the gallery page, so some comments won't be syncing up for awhile. Also, even if your RSS feed doesn't update like usual, check back W/F for new updates until the page id's catch back up.

Voting challenge continues! Vote to see Peter's "Spidersona." It's even sillier than Colbey's. This comic is part of SpiderForest and it's something silly we're all up to. If you get me to the top 25 50 100 125?? WTF wow it's up, Sisyphean.

Major Sarah's cameo continues on the next page!

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